My Path - Rhona Darcy, Acupuncturist

Rhona Darcy is an  acupuncturist, laser therapist and EFT practitioner based in Rathfarnham in Dublin. She can be contacted via her Holisto Practitioner Page.

The moment I realised I wanted to become an acupuncturist was the first time I had an acupuncture treatment. I lay there with needles in me and just knew this was what I had to do. My husband thought I was mad, I was 50 and running my own business, my second career, or third if you count motherhood!

But I have not regretted it for even one moment.

What I loved about my training course was the underlying tenet that you have to treat the ‘whole’ person- all the physical, emotional and mental aspects. I enjoyed reconciling Traditional Chinese Medical Theory with Western Medical Theory –for instance both describe the body as seeking homeostasis or balance.  I was fascinated when I remembered some descriptions older folk used when I was little with the TCM equivalent such as ‘liverish’ matching the description of Liver Qi Stagnation or saying someone had ‘the gall’ to do a particular thing and in TCM the Gallbladder is the organ of courage.

The most satisfying thing about working in my profession is seeing the change in people, sometimes after only one or two sessions.  I always look at my clients eyes and you will see the ‘pain’ there, sometimes it is physical pain and at other times it is emotional but their eyes will lack sparkle, even look dull and lifeless. When they return and I look at their eyes, I just love to see the sparkle returning. And when their family thank you for helping their loved ones.

The ways in which I keep my own well being in check are I try to meditate, I try and get some acupuncture treatment for myself, even if I have to stick the needles in myself! And I follow my own advice of being conscious of having a balance in all aspects of my life.

The best advice I could give to anyone is to keep a balance in your life between work, play and rest. Learn to breath properly, it is amazing how many people live without ever taking some deep cleansing breaths. Give thanks for what you have in your life and count your blessings, even if they seem small and take time for yourselves, not to constantly be busy and taking care of everyone else.