Infinite TAI CHI Classes

Infinite Tai Chi
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Irina Popova
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Millstreet, Banteer
10 Euro

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Infinite TAI CHI, Chi Kung & Meditation Classes in Millstreet & Banteer

Commencing September 2017

from Thursday September 7th - October 5rd, 7-8.15 pm
Venue: Infinity House
Cost: 50 Euro for 5 classes.

Infinite Tai Chi is a unique form of the ancient Chinese holistic art of tai chi. Jason was inspired to create Infinite Tai Chi over 20 years ago to meet the specific needs of modern Westerners.

Infinite Tai Chi can be taught at many different levels and to people of all ages and all levels of fitness.

Infinite Tai Chi has been designed to balance your whole physical, emotional and energetic systems. When you are not in balance, you may become ill and sick. But when you bring yourself back into natural balance, or perfect harmony, you will become radiantly healthy.

Infinite Tai Chi is much more than just a healthy form of exercise. Infinite Tai Chi is, at heart, pure nature or consciousness in movement. It is a moving meditation. When you perfect your Infinite Tai Chi form, you are no longer just moving gracefully, you are emanating light through movement. After performing genuine tai chi, you will naturally be a peaceful, radiant presence in the world for a while.

If you practise Infinite Tai Chi long enough, you will become aware of an energy field that surrounds everything, including you. Gradually as you keep practising, you will be able to get in touch with this energy field and use it to heal yourself on many different levels. Eventually you will be able to use this universal energy, or Chi, to transform both your physical being and your mental and emotional outlook on life. Your body will become stronger, and your emotions will calm down. Ultimately, when you can perform Tai Chi in perfect harmony, you will begin to return to the wholeness of Life itself.



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