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Reiki  Guided Self Treatment CD
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Reiki Guided Self Treatment CD

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Follow the simple guidance on the CD to make the most of your REIKI SELF TREATMENTS

You are Guided through the 12 basic hand positions of Reiki by Reiki Master Teacher Joanne McMillan, learning all about the benefits of Reiki, your chakra system, your aura and much more as your body and soul benefit from the relaxing, healing energy.

 As you give yourself a full Reiki treatment, benefiting from the transformative energy you also enjoy the wealth of information that is presented to you on this CD. 
The benefits of using Reiki at a mental, physical and emotional level is clearly explained for each hand position.
Transcendent harp music specially channelled by Madeleine Doherty further enhances your experience.

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01 Introduction.m4a

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