Susan Kidd, Shining Light Healing, Reiki, Seichem, Animal Healing therapist

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Animal holistic healing at Shining Light Healing, Enfield, Meath, Ireland.
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Susan Kidd
Contact Number: 
087 2917237
Enfield, Co Meath, Ireland
€50 per session in person, €35 per Distant Healing

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Susan Kidd is a Reiki-Seichem Master, Teacher, Practitioner, Life Coach and Animal Healer at Shining Light Healing in Enfield, Co. Meath, Ireland. This therapy benefits people and animals of all ages + most conditions, working on mind, body and spirit. Great for pain relief, stress relief, anxiety or panic issues, digestive problems, fertility issues, speeds up healing after surgery, chemo, broken bones etc. These therapies complement and enhance medical treatments and are never intended to replace proper medical care, always visit your doctor if in doubt about any health condition. see