Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy

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26/08/2017 - 10:00
Essentials Holistic
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Advanced Clinical Aromatheray 2 (Requires ACA 1)

The course consists of 3 weekends which can be taken independently of each other. As always, Rhiannon brings her vast knowledge of the chemistry and magic of essential oils to help therapists to really enhance how they formulate blends and help their cleints.

Weekend 1 covers how essential oils can be used for pain relief

Weekend 2 covers how esential oils can be used to treat and prevent infection

Weekend 3 covers how essential oils can be used to treat inflamation

Weekend 1-Starting on- Saturday and Sunday the 26th and 27th of August.

Weekend 2- Saturday and Sunday the 30th September and the 1st of October

Weekend 3-  Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12 of Novemeber

Fee- €250 each weekend(Payable in installments) 




This is a one day stand alone course which can be taken by any qualified aromatherapist or aromatherapy student.

It covers

  • How aroma affects us mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • What is “scent memory” how to use it to benefit clients and how to “unlearn” it where necessary
  • How to use the power of aroma and esential oils to reduce stress and panic attacks.
  • How to use the power of aroma and essential oils to sooth seriously ill patients.
  • & much more

Date & Times


10am to 5.30pm



Aromatic Dermatology

A wonderful course for any aromatherapist who would like to expand their knowledge on how essential oils cna be used to benefit skin conditions. Rhiannon bring s her wonderful mix  of chemical and magical aromatherapy to the course making is very practical, especialy for aromatherapists who would like to expand their practice into natural skincare.

Times & Dates


10.30am to 5pm each day