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07/10/2018 - 10:00
Ennis Yoga Studio, 19 Abbey St, Ennis, Co. Clare
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085 851 8369

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"I have experienced deep relaxation when receiving healing before, but I would never have imagined I could reach such a state of inner peace by myself through meditation. Medicine Buddha has become my go-to practice for self-care when I need replenishing."

"My health and wellbeing have improved but for me, the emotional and mental clarity that I have gained since I started Medicine Buddha has in many ways rescued me in very stressful situations. I am sure everyone's experiences in meditation are different but for me, Medicine Buddha practice was truly my first experience of being able to 'let go'."

Imagine feeling better, knowing better, understanding better...

How would you feel knowing you can make this happen for yourself forever more?

If you are stressed, run down, suffering from anxiety, depression or poor health, or simply want to improve your life this class can benefit you.

This one-day healing meditation workshop provides you with time-tested tools to begin to strengthen your physical and emotional wellbeing from now into the future.

Perfected in ancient times to allow you to bring yourself and others back towards the blueprint of universal wholeness and understanding and so heal your suffering.

Exclusive teachings, given only to Living Buddhas since time immemorial is now open to any seeker due to the needs of our time.

Taught by the Master who translated this classic practice of the Bodhi Path into English.

Complete with Abhisheka empowerment which:

  • Connects you to the lineage of Enlightened Masters who have passed on this wonderful teaching for millennia.
  • Opens up your Central Meridian to set the foundation for your spiritual evolution.
  • Allows you to reach a level of proficiency which otherwise could take decades to develop.

Medicine Buddha is traditionally regarded as the Archetypal Healer. Having attained the wisdom of enlightenment he saw through the illusion of separateness and how it is a major cause of suffering in our world. Like a fog, this illusion prevents you from seeing your true nature and the reality of the world you are living in. Through regular Medicine Buddha meditation practice, the fog begins to dissipate and with it the stress which creates and fuels so much mental, emotional and physical suffering. 

Transcend Into Oneness or as Shamans say - Become One With All of Creation - that space where spiritual healing can take place. 

We are all one... In healing yourself you are healing the whole of creation.

Full Day Dharma Workshop, and with weekly online refreshers until you have completely developed confidence and skills in the practices of Medicine Buddha.

Seek initiation with this teacher of Vismdo Buddhist College, located at the Vismdo Monastery in the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. The college was established by the 10th Panchen Erdeni, a tulku of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism. The headmaster is the 26th Garwa Rinpoche of the Sakya School.

No need to walk to the Himalayas. Destiny has brought this very ancient hidden lineage of the Great Healer Medicine Buddha to Ireland.

You will learn:

  • Lapis Lazuli Medicine Buddha Prolong Life and Extinguish Disaster Meditation.
  • Medicine Buddha Spiritual Healing for the Land and All Living Beings.
  • The Healing Purifier of the Three Essentials of Life
  • Sanskrit Mantra and Healing Mudra.

Click on the link below - Medicine Buddha Saved Me! - to see a short video, learn the real-life story of three people and the 19 points of meditation benefits proven by science.

Pre-Booking is essential. €300. Please call Tara at 085-8518369 to book your place.