The Business of Therapy: The Inner Journey

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19/10/2019 - 10:00
Ardboyne Hotel, Navan
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Jude Fay
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086 2327821

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Date: 19th October 2019  Max.: 15 Participants

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A different type of business…

If you have recently started a private therapy practice, you’ll know there’s a lot to learn. And not just about meeting clients. One big part of the journey is finding a way to embrace being a different style of business owner. One who is value led, who is interested in making a difference in our clients’ lives, and not just, “In it for the money.”

As therapists we know that our inner experiences can support or undermine our lives. Our awareness and healing of those experiences can help us to make better decisions, and to respond to our world from where we are, rather than from a pre-programmed set of learned reactions. We can also heal forward, by opening up to new skills and ideas.

The path isn’t clearly defined…

The journey from working for someone else to being your own boss is a complex one, and there is no direct route to follow. Our practices are as different as we are, and each practice will need different supports along the way. One important support, often forgotten, is the support from within ourselves.

The three most important growth areas…

You will probably have heard me talking about the six pillars of a successful practice. All of these pillars support therapists in creating a practice that works for them. Of these six, three are particularly important when moving from employee to self-employed.

The first is our own personal power and authority. Many of us have experienced other people using their power and authority in over-bearing or abusive ways. And, in an effort not to be like that, we can often err on the side of being reluctant to own our own power in a way that is appropriate and supportive for us.

The second area we need to explore is our relationship with money. If we are to be self-employed, and particularly if we want our practice to replace a salaried income, we must dive in to our beliefs and associations with money. As an employee, where our employers decide what we are worth, we often do not meet those financial blocks that appear far too clearly as soon as we start to ask for our fees.

The third essential piece we need to build a viable practice is support for promoting our practice in an authentic way that works for us. Again, many of us have had experiences of being sold into something that wasn’t right for us. Or we have found it hard to say no to pushy sales people. We may have had experiences where being seen was dangerous for us, where exposure of who we really are led to criticism and rejection.

What we’ll cover…

In this workshop, we will explore and begin to heal these areas of ourselves. This day will help you on the path to more confidence and more security in your desire to develop your practice in a way that suits you.

This workshop is experiential, helping you to connect more deeply with your internal process. The format is informal, with exercises, presentation in the large group, and smaller group and one to one work. Anyone interested in starting or developing a therapy practice is welcome. We will be using EFT or Tapping as a resource during the day. To learn more about tapping, please see my post: using EFT to support your therapy practice.

One Day Workshop

Date: 19th October 2019

Venue: Ardboyne Hotel, Navan, Co Meath

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Presenter: Jude Fay, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Chartered Accountant; Author: This Business of Therapy: A Practical Guide to Starting, Developing and Sustaining a Therapy Practice