Chakra Healing Training in Cork

One Off Event
28/07/2017 - 18:00 to 30/07/2017 - 18:00
Himalaya Yoga Valley Cork - Penrose Wharf
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Viriam Kaur/ Anne Marie
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Event Description

Chakra Healing - Weekend Course to Tap into Your Own Healing Wisdom and Learn to Heal Others

We all have an innate healing wisdom within us – working on our chakras is a way of tapping into this wisdom. We can use chakra energy to heal and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Viriam Kaur has devised her own method of Chakra Healing using sound healing, breathwork and intuitive touch.  Each Chakra is connected to a certain area of the body, physical ailments, a developmental stage or our lives and a series of emotions - so we can use the chakras like a map to determine where our issues and our weaknesses lie and also how to enhance our strengths. 

This course will focus on healing ourselves and healing others. We will learn techniques to tune into the energies that run through us – we need to understand, sense, feel these energies within ourselves, before we turn our attention towards healing others…  We will work with Kundalini Yoga, meditation, mantric vibrations, singing bowls, dowsing, crystals and hands-on healing.

Viriam Kaur has been working with chakra energy for fifteen years and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2003. She has recently discovered the profound healing effects of yoga nidra and sings from her soul with her band Mantrica. 

"Having just begun my journey into the discovery of subtle energy, Viriam's training provided an extensive, practical and tangible introduction to chakra healing as well as working with singing bowls and crystals; a combination of which provided me with the preliminary knowledge, experience and confidence necessary to continue further into the development of my path into the healing world of energy work. Viriam's guidance through the training, as with everything she does; is provided with constant encouragement, love and support along with an innate knowledge of the practice. There's no bullshit. You know she knows what she's doing from the word go. I recommend her unreservedly." Eoghan Cleary. Youth Development Worker and Yoga Teacher.

“Viriam’s teaching taps into the deep nurturing quality of Mother Earth, bringing with it a groundedness, softness and sense of being held. I have always found her work to be infused with beauty, balance and grace… as well as having a strong foundation of knowledge and skill. Altogether a great recipe for healing.” Amoda, author of How to Find God in Everything and Moving Into Ecstasy