Infinite Chi YOGA Teacher Training

15/09/2018 - 11:00 to 16/09/2018 - 17:00
Millstreet / Banteer, co Cork, Ireland
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OPEN DAY Infinite Chi Yoga Teacher Training:

September 16th 2018

10am - 2pm

Cost: 50 Euro


What is Infinite Chi Yoga?

‘Two Great Ancient Arts Merge Into One’

Infinite Chi Yoga™ is a unique path to spiritual awakening, created by Master Jason Chan. It is based on a dynamic fusion of Chi Kung and Yoga philosophies, techniques and practices. Infinite Chi Yoga™ thus combines thousands of years of treasures from these two complimentary paths to personal radiance and spiritual wisdom. Through a new synthesis of Chi Kung and Yoga, we aims to bring greater richness, depth and beauty to these two life-transforming arts.

Yoga and Chi Kung truly enhance each other when practised together. Each art is very deep and rich, and practising either in a systematic way will change you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Synthesising both arts will speed up your personal and spiritual growth as you begin to master your body, your breath and your mind and prepare yourself to receive the divine grace that is your natural birthright.

Benefits of Infinite CHI YOGA

Initially, Infinite Chi Yoga™ focuses on increasing and maintaining the flexibility of the spine whilst toning and rejuvenating the whole nervous system. Gentle but powerful stretching, twisting and bending movements and postures are combined with rhythmical systematic breathing exercises. Whilst the body is strengthened and rejuvenated, the mind is trained to maintain a relaxed focus on the breath and posture. The goal is to develop sustained, wakeful alertness throughout one’s practice.

In time, the practice of Infinite Chi Yoga™ will bring flexibility, suppleness and nourishment to the joints and muscles whilst massaging the vital organs and glands with life-enriching Chi. Respiration and circulation will also be improved, thus ensuring a rich supply of nutrients (oxygen, chi , prana) to all the cells in the body.

Course Moduls

1.Infinite Chi Yoga Asana Practise
2. Infinite Chi Kung Sequences 
3. Infinite Meditation

4. Philosophy
5. Pranayama
6. Anatomy
7. Life Style & Principles of Radiant Living
8. Teaching Methodology and Practice

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