Infinite TAI CHI Teacher Training Course

14/09/2018 - 14:00
Infinity House, Banteer, co Cork, Ireland
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Irina Popova
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Event Description

This in depth training course aims to build Unshakeable Strength (expressed through a balanced personality), Understanding (yourself, others and the forces of nature) and Power (coming from a transformed personality, your higher self and higher universal energy). Graduates of this course will be empowered to use their increased strength, understanding and wisdom to further assist their personal and spiritual growth and to serve humanity to the very best of their ability.

Time: Friday's - 2pm – 6pm (Tea Break)

Saturday's - 9am – 4 pm (1,5 hours Lunch Break and Tea Break)

NEW Venue: Infinity House, Banteer, co Cork

“Infinite Tai Chi is a wholesome discipline for perfect harmony in life, wherein lies all our joy, happiness, health, abundance, compassion and love.”

“In Infinite Tai Chi we do not just teach physical movement, we are teaching about Life Itself. You cannot sum up Infinite Tai Chi in just one or two sentences. Infinite Tai Chi can have very different meanings depending on individuals’ levels of personal and spiritual development. For some people, particularly beginners, it is simply a graceful, gentle form of physical exercise that they practise primarily for health reasons.

For others, it can become a very disciplined spiritual practice. It all depends on each individual’s level of unfoldment and insight, which usually deepens with practice. Infinite Tai Chi tends to grow on you, and as you practise it, you will also grow on all levels of your existence.” – Jason Chan


You will learn:

– The Infinite Tai Chi Long Form (Stages 1-5)

– Several sequences of Infinite Chi Kung including The Golden Sun, Butterfly Sweeping, 6 Healing Sounds, Spirals in the Air and Standing Like A Tree. Salute to the Sun and Salute to the Moon Chi Yoga sequences

– A range of warm up exercises

– The basic steps of Infinite Meditation

– Radiant Warrior Principles and Practices for radiant living