Making Space to Breathe

One Off Event
26/08/2017 - 13:00 to 18:30
Yoga Hub - Dublin
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Casey King/ Viriam Kaur
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Event Description

Yoga- Applied Anatomy - Assisted Stretches - Block Work - Yoga Nidra
With Viriam Kaur and Adam Divine

Tune into the dynamics of breath with expansive yoga, conscious anatomy, fascial release for the PSOAS and diaphragm, block work release, meditation and yoga nidra. We will use yoga and meditation techniques to tune into where we hold tension and limit our breathing. Adam will then share techniques and assisted stretches to open us up and create space to breathe fully - he wants us to learn to breathe from our PSOAS and walk from our diaphragm! VHe will give a brief lecture on the ;hysical aspects and anatomy of breath and stress. Viriam will share a yoga nidra based on the Himalayan Institute tradition focusing on breath for integration. Although translated as yogic sleep, nidra is about awakening and clarity - a profound healing state. Our aim with this workshop is to give insights into your personal practice (through yoga nidra, stress releasing yoga and we have also created a system for opening up the body by using blocks), you can then naturally start to give these techniques to your own students if you are teaching. 

“The breath is the deep inquirer, a practitioner in its own right. The breath is second only to feeling as an instrument for going inward and stimulating original movement. Breathing feels its way into articulations, activates tissue, moves fluid, and finds its way into our deepest recesses.”  John Stirk, The Original Body

Breath and assisted breathing practices are a core part of the SAT system (Structural Awareness Technique devised by Adam Divine). We want to create space to breathe and tune into the subtleties of where we hold tension that might prevent us from breathing fully. As we increase our breath capacity, we increase our stamina, our inner strength and our energy. Breath is the physical manifestation of prana (our vital energy/ or our healing energy and helps us  access our own innate healing wisdom... Breathing with awareness is an invitation to living life fully.

We will also be running another workshop in Dublin on August 27th - Cultivating Compassion - Yoga and the Vagus Nerve.

Adam Divine has been teaching massage courses and anatomy for yoga teacher trainees for seven years around the world and has been practicing massage himself for over twelve. From working with Anatomy Trains, osteopaths, yoga teachers and breathwork practitioners he has developed a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body and sees subtle awareness as the key to transformation. He has devised a therapeutic massage and yoga system - Structural Awareness Technique. He has lived in India for over ten years.

Viriam is a yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2003. She trained in the UK with SKY School of Kundalini Yoga and teaches around the world. She is a Senior Teacher registed with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She also teaches Yoga Philosophy on an International teacher training.  Viriam works with breath, sound and the healing power of yoga nidra. She has just released an album of sacred mantra with her band Mantrica