15/10/2018 - 10:00
Ennis Yoga Studio, 19 Abbey St, Ennis, Co. Clare
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Know Yourself

A mind calmed by meditation has a greater perspective and objectivity.

Left to its own devices the mind can be sucked into drama - and drama leads to stress. Drama is the story we tell ourselves about the events we observe. We each have our own version of a story, created and coloured by our experiences to date i.e. the colour of the spectacles we are looking through. They may, for example, be rose coloured or they may be grey. We then add a layer of assumptions and projections about the future. Meditation helps us to see what our mind is doing.

Meditation trains the mind to become still. In everyday life, this stillness translates to the ability to pause. To pause before you assume. To pause to reflect. To pause before you react.

We are not saying that you will become a sage undisturbed by chaos in a week! It takes time, but the benefits begin to show very quickly. In as little as eight weeks fMRI scans have shown growth in the areas of the brain that govern memory and learning and shrinkage in the part of the brain that can trigger anxiety.  

Know Reality

Meditation improves the ability to focus. This has obvious benefits for work and study, but also for our relationships. Being able to focus helps us to be truly present with the people in our lives. When someone gives you their full and undivided attention you feel it. You feel seen. You feel heard.

When the mind is calmer it reduces the number of stress hormones being sent to the body to prepare it for fight or flight. This takes the pressure off the body in many ways. It can reduce blood pressure and improve heart health. It boosts the immune system. It may even help balance body weight - cortisol a stress hormone triggers the body to store fat, and we all know we tend to make less healthy food choices when stressed.

Meditation even boosts the brain's production of the chemical dopamine. Dopamine makes us 'feel good' and is also boosted by some healthy activities such as sleep, exercise, and some healthy foods. Unfortunately, dopamine is also triggered by unhealthy activities such as drug use, bliss-point foods (foods deliberately created to make you crave more) and in modern times, screen time. By teaching the mind to be able to produce the 'feel good' effect for itself could help in releasing the grip of unhealthy and addictive behaviours. Recent research has shown meditation to be helpful when giving up cigarettes.

Know Friends

Learning to practice meditation with a group also has its own advantages. You are wired to be a social creature. Feeling connected to others who share your interests helps you feel supported on your path.

Meditation With Tara | Monday 10 am to 11 am | Drop-In €15 | Six Weeks €80

  • Where the mind goes, the Qi follows.
  • Calm your mind and build your body's ability to generate and store energy.
  • Like any form of exercise, training your mind takes energy!

This practice lays the foundations for success on your meditation journey by teaching you how to build and direct the flow of energy at the same time as taking the first steps to a calmer more resilient mind.

About Tara

Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Vajracharya, Received Dharma Name at the Shaolin Temple.

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