QIGONG YOGA Twin Dragons

06/09/2018 - 19:30
The Ennis Yoga Studio
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From the basic core meditation to the most subtle Qi movement, fine-tune your Qi meridians to discover the inner breath of life. Rooted in Tai Chi Zen from Sacred Mt. Wutai, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The key to a long and healthy life is a combination of movement and stillness by consciously guiding the vital energy - Qi.

Qigong may improve your health, elevate your intelligence, and activate your innate potential. How you acquire the proper systematic method of qigong training is a deciding factor whether you succeed in the practice or not. There are many phenomena that may happen through the practice of qigong. Some of the phenomena may be beyond your normal life experiences.

What is Qigong?

Qi is popularly translated as “vital energy.” Gong means “work accomplished.” Put them together, qigong is the accomplished work of the vital energy.

What exactly is this Vital Energy?

According to the ancient teaching of Tao Shamans, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Inner System of Kung Fu, the generally accepted formula of Qigong can be summarized as follows:

  • Train the Acquired Qi transforming the Essence.
  • Train the Essence transforming the Innate Qi.
  • Train the Innate Qi transforming the Spirit.
  • Train the Spirit returning to the Void.

In this principle, there are two types of Qi, namely the Acquired Qi and the Innate Qi. Perhaps, we can name the Acquired Qi simply as “Qi” and the Innate Qi as “Chi”. Here is a key point of cloudy understanding that most students of qigong, yoga, and meditation have yet to discern clearly.

Master ZenWise, trained in traditional Chinese metaphysics since childhood, was born in Taiwan, grew up in America, and settling down in Ireland, will be conducting an introductory workshop in Qigong Yoga. The class will cover understanding the principle of qigong and the step-by-step consistent practice to improve your well-being. Many of his students have improved their health through practising Twin Dragons Qigong Yoga,

If you'd like to feel good and reboot your health then this course is for YOU; because you're worth spending time on!

"I have been doing the Twin Dragons ever since your class on 18th March 2018 and it has really helped loosen out my spine.  Thank you so much." ~ Emily de Montfort, Cork

"The most astounding thing for me is that after just two days of practising Twin Dragons I noticed a difference in my ability to get off the floor! I was able to get up the way I used to when I was much fitter. I thought it was my imagination at first but I have since noticed other changes in my fitness. When I walk there is vitality in my step. I am truly amazed. For anyone thinking of doing this class in the future, I would say book now!" ~  Margaret Willis, Brentwood

"I've just sat for the last hour listening to my friend Margaret enthusiastically talking about her experiences during the recent Qigong Yoga class. Since taking it 3 days ago and subsequently getting up each morning and doing the very simple practice, she said that she is now able to get up and move her body like she did before an operation performed on her seven years ago!  She said she's been feeling just joyful!

"Frank, who also took the class and who has been wobbly on his feet, has also been excitedly saying how great he has been feeling since Tuesday and has really noticed a difference. 

"We then had a subsequent discussion with ZenWise about energy, my being overweight and tired, and he explained very simply how getting gym fit is not the answer to longevity and health; that it was the delicate alignment of Qi being activated by simple movements to make your organs healthy which would help me drop the unhealthy weight much more quickly and effectively and lead to less stressed out organs and better longevity." ~ Jo Slater, Leigh-on-Sea

"Twin Dragons is a graduated set of ten Qixercises from relatively easy body stretches to subtle meditations where you can feel your energy flow. You will improve your posture and health, and sitting meditation practice will become more intense. You will feel a serenity throughout the day. After about a week's practice, I started eliminating much waste and became conscious of subtle energy changes in my body." ~ Frank Waters, Leigh-on-Sea

"I have been a practising Martial Artist for many years and have been aware of Chi Gong but never thought it would benefit me. Well, how wrong could one be? Twin Dragons has impressed me not only with its exercise value but also in making myself aware of the breath in movement. The feeling of heat was apparent quite quickly in my legs and I took the advice to perform these movements at sunrise before work. The results left me arriving at work feeling energised and focused. Whether you are a Martial Artist or not I really feel this is a great start to anyone's day." ~ John Downs, Devon

"Twin Dragons Qigong Yoga highlights the absolute need for solid foundation. Having continued the practices daily, building them steadily, I am already feeling the benefits with increased vitality and quality sleep." ~ Davina Ahearn, Devon

Twin Dragons Qigong Yoga - Thursdays 7.30 pm - 9 pm - Drop-In €15 - Six Weeks €80

Not to be missed! In this Intro Workshop, you will learn easy and relaxing movement, which is suitable for all ages, and any agility and dexterity. You will learn about Qi or Chi - the Vital Energy. You will learn what makes a complete and effective meditation.

Limited Space, Book Your Place Now! Please call Tara t: 085 851 8369.