Quest For Mastery Level 1, Cashel, Tipperary

27/05/2017 - 10:00 to 16:00
Cashel, Tipperary
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James Hayes
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087 4377261

Event Description

Ronna Vezane (formerly Herman) has delivered Archangels Michael’s messages to us for close to 20 years. Some people call this channeling, yet Archangel Michael prefers to call Ronna a cosmic telepath, as she is really communicating with Archangel Michael, and not merely repeating his words. Over the past few years Archangel Michael has given us many practical techniques to help us in our ascension process (ascension: the natural evolution of humanity into a more evolved state of being ~ from Ronna Herman’s Reference & Revelations). In level I of the Quest For Mastery workshop you will learn the following techniques and meditations (do not be alarmed by terminology you’re unfamiliar with, these will be explained during the workshop):

Level I:

  • Alpha State I & II: learn how to move into alpha state at will, and thus tune in on the cosmic stream of wisdom and increase your extrasensory perception abilities.
  • Infinity Breath I & II: these breathing exercises open up the higher dimensional levels of your brain and give you access to higher frequency levels of consciousness – and clear your body of discordant energies.
  • Toning: Tibetan chants balance the chakra system and help you to access the five higher galactic rays of God consciousness.
  • Group pyramid: find out what it feels like to be in a fifth dimensional group pyramid, and to reconnect with that group’s energy later on by returning to it.
  • Seven crystalline spheres of Higher Consciousness: experience this meditation as a way to create joy, peace and abundance and to gain more access to your will power, intuition, insight and inner wisdom.
  • Abdominal breathing: our breathing has become shallow over time, yet little babies still intuitively do what is right. Learn why abdominal breathing is important and techniques incorporating this.

Quest For Mastery Level I Content:

Group Pyramid

  • Fifth-dimensional environment with like-minded people

Alpha State Exercise I & II

  • Enables you to move in and out of the alpha state at will or function at a light alpha level at will
  • Enables you to maintain a constant level of alpha brain waves tuned into a constant stream of cosmic wisdom which is available to guide, inspire and protect you
  • Enables you to have a life-changing connection to your Higher Self
  • Enables you to tap into a cosmic bank of knowledge and wisdom
  • Enables you to harmonize the right and left hemispheres of your brain
  • Enables you to access light packets of information in your sacred mind (Alpha State II)

Infinity Breath I & II (Sacred Breathing Technique)

  • Enables you to cleanse and clear your body of discordant energies
  • Enables you to initiate the process of opening the higher dimensional levels of your brain
  • Enables you to access higher frequency levels of consciousness
  • Enables you to access higher dimensional thought forms of new Creation
  • Enables you to open the back portal of your heart (Infinity Breath II)


  • Helps you move through the transformation/transmutation process with ease and grace
  • Balances the chakra system
  • Assists you to access the five higher galactic Rays of God-consciousness
  • Helps you release impacted thought forms or negative energies

Seven Crystalline Spheres of Higher Consciousness

  • Create joy, peace and prosperity to enjoy and share
  • Access your will power, communication and self-expression
  • Access your intuition, insight and inner wisdom

Abdominal Breathing

  • Reduce stress
  • Detoxify inner organs
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase immunity
  • Improve excretion of bodily toxins
  • Improve concentration

You will receive a full colour manual and certificate of completion at the course & after the course continued support from me.

Cost €88

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