REIKI Refresher Evening

One Off Event
19/09/2018 - 19:15
U3A Foyle, Gransha Park, Derry ~ Londonderry
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Contact No.: 
0044(0) 2871810035

Event Description


Pascal McDonald House,
(U3A Foyle) Gransha Pk,
Derry~ Londonderry 
(4mins from Foyle Bridge)

Open to all Reiki Practitioners
from level 1 to Master level

Free to ALL students of Joanne
( Donations accepted & £10 for all other Reiki practitioners)

Maybe you practice REIKI every day or maybe it has been a long time, even years; whatever place you are in this is a great opportunity to share and reaquaint yourself with other Reiki "friends" and the wonderful energy.

The evening includes:

  • Meditation to enhance the healing flow of Reiki
  • Deep healing from a group of Reiki practitioners 
  • Practice all Reiki hand positions
    (treating yourself and others)
  •  Refresh your Reiki knowledge, learn new things and 
    increase your self confidence.
  • Practical experience with channelling healing for others
  • Insight into where you are right now
  • Techniques for deepening your practice of Reiki
  • Support, discussion and feedback.

Registration is Required as places will be limited.
Please contact Joanne as soon as possible to reserve your place.
028 71302448 & 07731354476




    Connect to Universal Energy......
and where you need it by  seeing through the old perceptions
and giving you the power to heal yourself when connecting with the TRUTH, LOVE & Divine POWER.


Address problems and illnesses by healing the underlying energy imbalance that's causing the disease... The act of healing (yourself or others) is so universal in its effect that it may help prevent dysfunctions within the body—in all areas—not just the ones you are specifically treating at the time.


Eliminate the stress and strain of modern life!.......Reiki can calm you and empower you with the inner peace to deal with life circumstances in a better way. It could also give you the inner clarity you need to maintain poise and calm in the midst of any stressful or negative situation.


Feel the inner joy and peace of being of service...Enjoy the reward of knowing that you're helping those who are in need as you also help yourself as we are all ONE Using the power of Reiki may bestow upon you a deep happiness!


Reconnect to your Higher Self........Open up your chakras and attune your powers of intuition...allowing you to improve your self-confidence and make better decisions...


Balance your mind, body and spirit by practicing these proven self-healing methods. In the words of Mikao Usui "Reiki is the art of inviting happiness"...


Discover your life purpose... Reiki is a liberating spiritual practice that could reconnect you to your true Self and enable you to see the perfect path for you with clarity. Becoming aware, maybe for the first time, the changes you need to make to move forward in life.


Alleviate emotional and psychological traumas brought on by difficult life events...Many of us have had difficult even traumatic events occur in our lives that have left us, emotionally or psychologically scarred. Reiki can help remove the energetic memories and imprints that still remain; often removing the pain, anxiety and negative emotions these traumas left behind.* Results may vary