Shamanic Practitioners Medicine Wheel Galway Ireland with Grey Elk

21/02/2020 - 09:30
Maldron Hotel, Oranmore
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Paul O Halloran
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Event Description

Connect to the deepest parts of your being, heal the traumas in your soul, heal your ancestors and energy body. Open your heart and deepen your connection to nature while you learn the tools and techniques from one of the oldest traditions on Earth. About Us: Paul is a fully initiated igqirha ( healer/shaman in the Xhosa tradition ) and is known as Grey Elk. The teachings are very much are led by Spirit and encourage you to develop your own medicine while showing you different techniques from Native American, Peruvian and African traditions. Paul is guided in the wheel and also has a very strong connection to the land and the elementals of the land (having healed almost 5,000 properties around Ireland). Melanie (White Feathers Woman) is initiated to Twasa (trainee in Xhosa tradition). Melanie assists Paul when she can. Shamanic practitioners course details: The shamanic practitioners course takes place over 6 sets of 3 days and explores an in depth journey around the Medicine Wheel thus finding out more about ourselves and who we really are. As we journey together through the directions, North, South, East and West in greater detail we will shed the skin of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical baggage that no longer serves us. In doing this together, as we transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly, we learn and remember techniques in healing from the oldest traditions on earth. The shamanic practitioners course includes: • Healing techniques as we travel through the directions • Deeper journey work to heal ourselves, the earth and others • Connecting with Nature – the tree people, the stone people, the Earth people etc. and working with the elements • Power and soul retrieval and extraction work • Munay Ki rites – initiations into the shamans path • Community and distance healing • Fire and other ceremony/ rituals • Drumming techniques • Learning to work with shamanic tools • Introduction to divining/dowsing • Spirit release • Connecting you to your lineage of your Ancestors • Connection to your soul group • Stalking awareness • Vision quest • Whatever else spirit dictates • Sacred fire ceremony. Dates of the next 2020 Galway shamanic practitioners course are: Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd February 2020 – Shamanic Practitioners Module 1. Friday 3rd April to Sunday 5th April 2020 – Shamanic Practitioners Module 2. Friday 15th May to Sunday 17th May 2020 – Shamanic Practitioners Module 3. Friday 10th July to Sunday 12th July 2020 – Shamanic Practitioners Module 4. Friday 21st August to Sunday 23rd August 2020 – Shamanic Practitioners Module 5. Friday 2nd October to Sunday 4th October 2020 – Shamanic Practitioners Module 6. (Fridays are inclusive – the 2020 course is in 6 blocks of 3 days i.e. 18 days). Times of the course: Fridays are 1pm to 7pm and Saturday is 9.30am until 6pm and Sunday is 9.30am until 5.00pm sometimes Saturdays can go on a little later. Total cost of the course is 1970Euro made up of a non-refundable, non-exchangeable booking payment of 350Euro for the shamanic course as well as each of the modules is 270Euro payable on the first morning of the weekend workshop. If you wish to pay in advance of the course in full the course costs 1820Euro although the payment has to be made in full before the first weekend. Although shamanism is an oral tradition we have provided notes in a full colour manual so as to help you remember the techniques you will learn during the course. You will receive an electronic copy of the Munay Ki rites manual and certificate so you can go on and pass these rites on yourselves. You will also receive a shamanic practitioners certificate so you can get insured to do the work at the end of the course providing you have completed all modules. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Do also look at the You Tube Pathway teaching channel and see some of the testimonials and videos there. Love and blessings and thanks Melanie and Paul