Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony with Willie O Toole

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21/12/2019 - 19:00 to 22:00
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Willie O Toole
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The Winter Solstice was classically celebrated in Celtic cultures as a very important and transitional time of year. It is a festival of peace and of honouring the Goddess in her many Mother aspects. The Father God was also honoured as various forms, Santa, The Holly King, The Old Sky God etc. In Celtic cultures they also believed that the Divine Child (the Mabon) would be birthed (the sun).

All are welcome to this ceremony to put in our wishes and intent for a beautiful New Year. The sacred fire ceremony for this winter solstice also represents peace and increasing light. In olden times they refer to the winter solstice as the Light of Arthur which represents the Sun. This is the point at which the darkest days are over and the Light begins to increase and can be welcomed in the celebration. It is customary with us at this fire to remember loved ones passed.

The fire will be held at 7pm in Oranmore Galway with refreshments afterwards. If you feel like bringing biccies or a small offering of food or tea to share it is very welcome and much appreciated.

Wishing you a all a wonderful and peaceful fire and manifestation of beautiful wishes for the coming of the New Year.