Find Alexander Technique in Ireland

Larkside Cottage, Clashacrow, Co Kilkenny (Clinic Also in Cashel and Thurles) | 089 2372790
Unit 57, Enniskillen Business Centre, Lackaghboy Rd, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh | 087 979 3173, (N.I.) 028 6634 0049
The Alexander Technique is a unique self-help method for reducing excess muscle tension.
35 Callary Road, Mount Merrion, Dublin 2 | 01 -2882446
Frank Kennedy is a professional teacher with over thirty five years teaching experience. He was the first Alexander Technique teacher to establish a teaching practice in Ireland.
8 Pembroke Road | 01 -6603872
Our wish at Oscailt (which means opening), is to create a space that helps people open up to their innate capacity to enhance, maintain and restore their health and well-being.
Balbriggan, | 01 8029777
The new Holistic Centre is set in the former Gardener's House amid the stunning Ardgillan Demesne.
Church Hill , | 087 -9596210
Paul is fully qualified teacher of Alexander Technique since 1997.He is certified by STAT(UK) ATI(US) and ISATT(EIRE).He works with individuals, groups and educational instituti