Mick Sawtell, Tantra Massage and Counselling in Sandycove, Co. Dublin

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Mick Sawtell
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Sandycove, Co. Dublin


  • Tantra massage and Counselling for
  • Sexual Healing
  • Orgasm issues
  • Healing Body image
  • Emotional issues
  • Whole Body orgasm
  • Body de-armouring
  • Breathwork
  • Reiki


Most of us have sexual /emotional issues of some kind that won't seem to 'go away'- Maybe we've discussed these with our partner or even a counsellor but 'Talking about the issue ' often doesn't work.
Our problems are stored in the body and need to be released through the body. This Tantric massage provides a safe space and a very rare and precious time to help you heal .I offer this healing massage to you with love , respect and the utmost tender loving care. checkout the testimonials on Tantra-Tlc.com

Accreditations / Qualifications

  • Tantra whole body orgasm trainings with Andrew Barnes
  • Tantra body de-armouring also Andrew Barnes
  • Tantra massage training with Bindu Dublin
  • ISTA Level one
  • Loving relationships Sondra Ray
  • Re-Birthing & Loving relationships Patsy Brennan
  • Diana Richardson's Making Love retreat
  • Reiki level 2
  • Even at university my degree was in Human Relations !!